Profile of Julian Nonso Chukwukelu

Julian Nonso Chukwukelu is an Associate with the Firm's Criminal Litigation Department.

Julian graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. His thesis on Men Rea was greatly acclaimed by the faculty and has been published in three different journals including the prestigious Journal of Law and Criminal Justice. Julian has tremendous experience in Criminal litigation and Arbitration.

Some of his publications include:

Section 24 of the Criminal Code and its Effects on Criminal Liability in Nigeria: Journal of Law and Criminal Justice, Vol 3 (1), PP 124 - 132.

Neuroscience and Mens Rea Jurisprudence: Implications of the Philosophical Problem of Freewill and Determinism in UNIZIK LAW JOURNAL, NO. 10, 2014, PP. 33 - 45..